Mima Stanojkovski

Manneken Pis-thagoras and I

Office 2-66 Povo 0
Università di Trento, Dipartimento di Matematica
via Sommarive 14
38123 Povo di Trento (TN), Italy

name.surname (at) unitn.it

I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor (RTD-b in Algebra) at the University of Trento since October 2022 and since November 2022 I am funded by the national program Rita Levi Montalcini for young researchers. My main research interests lie in the realm of group theory, in a broader sense. I like questions about the structure and geometry of algebraic objects, as well as isomorphism and classification problems: with this regard, I specialize in p-groups. I am also a member of Trento's Tensordec LAB.

I obtained my PhD from Leiden University in September 2017: my dissertation, with title "Intense automorphisms of finite groups", was supervised by Hendrik Lenstra. After my PhD, from 2017 to 2019, I have been a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Christopher Voll at Bielefeld University. In 2019, I have joined the Nonlinear Algebra group of Bernd Sturmfels at the MPI MiS Leipzig and, from 2021 to 2022, I have also held a postdoc position at RWTH Aachen University, in the group of Gabriele Nebe (funded by the SFB-TRR 195 Symbolic Tools in Mathematics and their Application).


MathBites leaves the floor to Trento's new Math Colloquium seminar series. Join us on October 25th, 2023, with our first special guest Bernd Sturmfels!

In May 2023, I was awarded one of the prizes Premio InnerWheel per la Donna 2023 of the division "Distretto 206 - Italia" of the international association InnerWheel.

Since January 2023, I am one of the organizers of Trento's Math Bites Seminar and a member of the national group GNSAGA (Gruppo Nazionale per le Strutture Algebriche, Geometriche e le loro Applicazioni).

In September 2022, I was recruited as part of the national program Rita Levi Montalcini for young researchers. A list of all the winners can be found here.

In February 2022, I was awarded one of 11 postdoctoral scholarships from the Daimler and Benz Foundation. A list of all the winners can be found here.

For the first time in his life, on September 24th, 2021, Manneken Pis was dressed as a mathematician! Read more
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